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El Molcajete Steak

A traditional feast for all..!! A hot stone bowl filled with rib-eye steak, chicken, shrimp, poblano peppers, onions, chunks of pineapple and homemade salsa topped with shredded cheese. Served with rice, beans and flour tortillas

Grilled Chicken

Texas Fajitas

Grilled steak, chicken and shrimp

Burrito California

Lunch-size burrito stuffed with grilled chicken, chorizo (Mexican sausage), rice and beans. Drizzled with sour cream, pico de gallo and cheese sauce

Chimichangas Dinner

Two flour tortillas, fried or soft, filled with shredded beef or chicken, covered with cheese sauce and sour cream. Served with rice and beans

Tacos De Carne Asada

Three corn tortillas filled with grilled rib-eye steak, cilantro, grilled green onions, tree chile sauce and refried beans

Torta De Lengua

Tasty Mexican Tortas: A Flavorful Delight

Tasty Mexican Tortas: A Flavorful Delight
Indulge in our authentic Mexican tortas. Savor the savory flavors of our carne asada torta, or try the classic torta de pollo. Our tortas are made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and are sure to satisfy your cravings. Experience the best tortas in town at our restaurant.

Convenient Pickup and Delivery Options for Authentic Mexican Tortas

Convenient Pickup and Delivery Options for Authentic Mexican Tortas
Satisfy your cravings with our authentic Mexican tortas available for pickup or delivery. Enjoy the convenience of savoring our mouthwatering carne asada torta or flavorful chicken tinga torta in the comfort of your own home. Order now and experience the best Mexican tortas in town!

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